Visual Grand Prix was launched to promote the home entertainment industry, which primarily involves sound and images. The selections made serve as guidelines for users, helping them to select excellent products. Major shops and makers consider Visual Grand Prix to be highly influential at the actual point of sale.

Among the domestically-marketed digital AV products manufactured in Japan and abroad, Visual Grand Prix focuses on those designed for home entertainment purposes and selects products that embody superior performance, technologies, and concepts.
Any products that satisfy each of the following requirements are included in the screening process:
1. Audio-Visual home theater-related consumer products sold in Japan by the manufacturer or distributor
2. All products self-appointed by the manufacturer or distributor
3. All products released until the date of the publication (17th Nov. 2006) on the selection of Visual Grand Prix 2006
4. All products launched on the market at the date of the Visual Grand Prix 2006 screening(17th Nov. 2006)
¦Any products previously awarded in former Visual Grand Prix can also nominate from this year
œ Display
CRT type TVs, projection TVs, flat TVs(plasma, liquid crystal)
œ Hometheater
Projectors,screen,hometheater systems
œ Digital players
DVD players,BD players,HD DVD players,CD players,SACD players,Universal players
œ Digital recorders
digital Hi-Vision video decks,DVD recorders(including HDD or VHS hybrid models),HDD recorders,BD recorders,HD DVD recorders,digital video cameras,digital still cameras
œ Media
œ Sound
speakers systems and subwoofers,multi-channel sound systems(AV amplifiers & processors, multichannel amplifiers etc.)
œ Hometheater accessories
cables,insulator,boards,racks,speaker stands,antennas etc.
After the winner of Grand Prix is selected from each of the above genres, products qualified for the following prizes will also be selected:
œ Visual Grand Prix Gold Prize/Silver Prize/Bronze Prize
œ Extra Award from Judges
œ Home Theater Prize
œ Special Jury Prize
œ Golden Longrun Prize
œ Extra Award for Product Development
œ Extra Award for Product Planning
œ Extra Award for Technology
œ Top of genre Prize
Chairman/Tomohiro Kaiyama
Judges/Hirotsugu Saito,Masanori Hayashi,Ryoichi Matsuyama, Takaya Murase,Tadashi Yamabiychi,
Shintaro Ohashi,Mitsuharu Nagai
Three major prizes, special prizes and other prizes will be selected on the basis of evaluation by leading distributors nationwide and the consensus or poll of judges.
November 17,2006
the December issue of"AV Review" issued on November 17,2006
"Hometheater phile Vol.39"issued on December 20,2006
the December issue of "Senka 21" issued on November 25,2006
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