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左側の画像 実施概要
The Visual Grand Prix was launched to promote the home entertainment industry, which primarily involves sound and images. The selections function as guidelines for users, helping them to select superior products. Major shops and makers consider Visual Grand Prix to be highly influential at the actual point of sale.
Among domestically marketed audio and digital audiovisual products manufactured in Japan and abroad, the Visual Grand Prix focuses on those designed for home entertainment purposes and selects products that embody superior performance, technologies and concepts.

Any product that satisfies each of the following criteria is included in the screening process.
  1. Consumer audio and audiovisual products sold in Japan by manufacturers and importing distributors.
  2. All products self-nominated by manufacturers and importing distributors.
  3. All products released by the date on which the results are to be announced. (17th November 2008)
  4. All existing products put on the market by the end of 2008.

Displays Projection TVs, plasma display panel TVs, liquid crystal display TVs, etc. Home theaters Front projectors, screens, home theater systems, etc. Digital players DVD players, BD players, CD players, SACD players, etc. Digital recorders DVD recorders, HDD recorders, BD recorders, digital camcorders, digital still cameras, etc. Media Tapes, discs, etc. Sound Speaker systems, subwoofers, audiovisual amplifiers, audiovisual processors, surround amplifiers, audio amplifiers, etc. Home theater accessories Cables, boards, racks, stands, antennas, etc. 小見出し
Digital players CD players, SACD players, D/A converters, etc. Analog players Players, cartridges, etc. Audio systems Speaker systems Audio amplifiers Vacuum tube amplifiers, premain amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc. Accessories and peripherals Racks, stands, cables, headphones, etc.
*Products priced up to around 10,000 euro are eligible for the screening process. (The price limit may be subject to change depending on the exchange rate.) Entry to both the Visual Grand Prix and Pure Audio Grand Prix is allowed.

After the winner of Grand Prix is selected in each of the above genres, products winning the following prizes will also be selected.
Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes
Extra Award from Judges
Home Theater Prize
Extra Awards for Product Development, for Product Planning and for Technology
Top-of-Genre Prizes
Extra Award from Judges
Top-of-Genre Prizes

Products of choice in each genre will be determined by a poll of leading distributors nationwide and by the consensus or the general view of the judges. Thereafter, prizewinners will be selected from the resulting shortlist.

Chairman: Tomohiro Kaiyama
Judges: Hirotsugu Saito, Ryoichi Matsuyama, Tadashi Yamanouchi, Masanori Hayashi, Takaya Murase, Shintaro Ohashi and Mitsuharu Nagai

Chairman: Tomohiro Kaiyama
Judges: Makoto Fujioka, Tadashi Yamanouchi, Shintaro Ohashi, Shun Ishihara and Takashi Iwai

20th October 2008 for Pure Audio Grand Prix
21st October 2008 for Visual Grand Prix

Monday, 17th November 2008
On the December issue of AV Review, Home Theater Phile vol. 51, Visual Grand Prix Shopping Guide and Phile-web as well as on yodobashi.com, biccamera.com and the websites of other leading distributors nationwide

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