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左側の画像 実施概要
The Digital Camera Grand Prix has been launched to recognize products that promote the development of markets relating to digital still cameras and digital camcorders. It follows the Visual Grand Prix launched to promote the visual home entertainment industry.

As with the Visual Grand Prix, products will be selected that embody superior performance, technologies, and concepts that function as guidelines for users, in helping them to select superior products.

In the product genres of digital still cameras, digital camcorders, related devices and peripheral accessories, all products entered by their manufacturers and importers are included in the screening process. Eligible products must satisfy the following criteria.
  1. Consumer products sold in Japan by their manufacturers or importing distributors
  2. Products released by the date on which the results are announced (17th November 2008)

With integrated lenses Entry-grade models, medium-grade models, high-end compact models, high-powered zoom models, etc. Digital SLRs Entry-grade models, medium-grade models and flagship models DSC-related products Interchangeable lenses (wide, standard and zoom), image processing software, calibrators, tripods and peripheral accessories Display devices (selected with regard to photo display) Plasma display panel TVs, liquid crystal display TVs, projectors, other display monitors and digital photo frames Output devices Printers that output larger than A3, A4 printers (high-end models and medium-grade models) and compact photo printers Storage devices Digital photo storages, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, BD-Rs and flash memory cards Special awards Highly acclaimed product projects, technologies, environmental measures, etc. 小見出し
Main units High definition camcorders (Full HD recording models), High definition camcorders (HD recording models) and camcorders (SD recording models) Camcorder-related products Storage media and peripheral accessories

Prizewinners will be selected by the panel of judges on the basis of a poll of a panel of judging retailers consisting of leading distributors nationwide and a poll of the judges.

Kumio Yamada, photographer and critic
Yoichi Kawamura, photographer and member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society
Tomohiro Fujii, photographer, critic and member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society
Junichi Abe, category manager, Camera Category, Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd.
Norihiro Nomura, Camera Team, Sales, Biccamera Inc.

Tomohiro Kaiyama, movie producer, critic and chairman of the panel of judges for the Visual Grand Prix Hirotsugo Saito, critic
Hajime Aida, critic
Tadashi Yamanouchi, critic
Mitsuharu Nagai, Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.

Friday, 10th October, 2008

Tuesday, 17th November, 2008
in the December issue of AV Review, issued on 17th November
on the Phile-web portal on audio & visual products and home theaters operated by Ongen Publishing at 12 noon on 17th November
on the official website of Visual Grand Prix at www.visualgrandprix.com,
and in the December issue of Senka 21, issued on 25 November

*The results will also be announced at the same time on the websites of yodobashi.com, biccamera.com and other leading distributors nationwide as well as at their storefronts.

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