Grand Gold Award Extra Award for Technology Extra Award for Product Planning 点線11pix ECO Award Extra Award for Product Design

Grand Gold Award
(Pure Audio Grand-prix)
Extra Award
(Pure Audio Grand-prix)
Flat TV(Over 59inch) Flat TV(58inch) Flat TV(55inch) Flat TV(54inch) Flat TV(52inch) Flat TV(50inch) Flat TV(47inch) Flat TV(46inch) Flat TV(42inch) Flat TV(40inch) Flat TV(37inch) Flat TV(32inch) 点線11pix Flat TV(26inch) Flat TV(22inch) Flat TV(20inch) Flat TV(19inch) Flat TV(17inch) Flat TV(Recording type,Over 46inch) Flat TV(Recording type,37-46inch) Flat TV(Recording type,Under 37inch) Flat TV(Compact Full HD type,including Monitor Type) 1-SEG TV Others

LCD Video Projector LCOS Video Projector Micro Projector 点線11pix DLP Projector Projector(DVD Player Built-in) Screen

Blu-ray Disc Player(Over 300,000yen) Blu-ray Disc Player(100,000-300,000yen) Blu-ray Disc Player(50,000-100,000yen) Blu-ray Disc Player(Under 50,000yen) HDD&BD Recorder(Over 200,000yen) 点線11pix HDD&BD Recorder(100,000-200,000yen) HDD&BD Recorder(Under 100,000yen) DVD Player HDD&Video Recorder Other type of Recorder

Digital Camcorder
Over 500,000yen Over 200,000yen 点線11pix 80,000-140,000yen Under 80,000yen

Super Hi-Compo
Network Media Player NAS(HDD) 点線11pix NAS(SSD)

Recording Media
BD DVD 点線11pix CD Flash Memory

AV preamplifier Main Amplifier(Multi channel type) AV amplifier(Over 300,000yen) AV amplifier(100,000-300,000yen) AV amplifier(70,000-100,000yen) AV amplifier(Under 70,000yen) Center Speaker(Over 200,000yen) Center Speaker(Under 200,000yen) 点線11pix Subwoofer(Over 500,000yen) Subwoofer(200,000-500,000yen) Subwoofer(100,000-200,000yen) Subwoofer(Under 100,000yen) Front surround system Hometheater System(5.1ch Speaker) Hometheater Rack System

HDMI Cable(Over 5m) HDMI Cable(Over 50,000yen/m) HDMI Cable(30,000-50,000yen/m) HDMI Cable(10,000-30,000yen/m) HDMI Cable(Under 10,000yen/m) Interconnect Cable(RCA type,Over 50,000yen) Interconnect Cable(RCA type,20,000-50,000yen) Interconnect Cable(RCA type,Under 20,000yen) 点線11pix Interconnect Cable(XLR type) Speaker Cable(Over 10,000yen/Pair) Speaker Cable(Under 10,000yen/Pair) Power Cable(Over 30,000yen/1.0m) Power Cable(Under 30,000yen/1.0m) USB Cable Other Cables

Cable Peripherals
HDMI Switcher/Splitter HDMI peripherals 点線11pix Power supply system Power Tap

Other accessories
Room Tuning Item Rack Speaker Stand Audioboard 点線11pix Insulator Cleaner Antenna Others

Pure Audio Grand-prix Digital Players
Digital Player CD Player(100,000-300,000yen) CD Player(Under 100,000yen) SACD Player(Over 500,000yen) 点線11pix SACD Player(300,000-500,000yen) SACD Player(Under 300,000yen) D/A Converter Digital Audio Recorder

Super Hi-Compo
System Audio/Hi-Compo Network Player(Over 200,000yen) Network Player(100,000-200,000yen) Network Player(Under 100,000yen) 点線11pix Digital Audio Player Dock for Digital Audio Player USB DAC

Analog player
Analog player Cartridge 点線11pix Phono equalizer Other peripherals

Speaker system
Speaker system(Over 2,000,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Over 1,000,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Floor standing type 500,000-1,000,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Bookshelf type 500,000-1,000,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Floor standing type 300,000-500,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Floor standing 200,000-300,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Bookshelf type 300,000-500,000yen/pair) 点線11pix Speaker system(Bookshelf type 200,000-300,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Bookshelf type 100,000-200,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Floor standing Under 200,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Bookshelf type 50,000-100,000yen/pair) Speaker system(Bookshelf type Under 50,000yen/pair) Desktop speaker

Audio Amplifier
Vacuum Tube Amplifier(Over 1,000,000yen) Vacuum Tube Amplifier(500,000-1,000,000yen) Vacuum Tube Amplifier(Under 500,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(Over 500,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(300,000-500,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(100,000-300,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(80,000-100,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(50,000-80,000yen) Pre-Main Amplifier(Under 50,000yen) 点線11pix Pre Amplifier(Over 1,000,000yen) Pre Amplifier(500,000-1,000,000yen) Pre Amplifier(300,000-500,000yen) Pre Amplifier(Under 300,000yen) Main Amplifier(Over 1,000,000yen) Main Amplifier(500,000-1,000,000yen) Main Amplifier(300,000-500,000yen) Main Amplifier(Under 300,000yen)

In-ear Headphone(Over 30,000yen) In-ear Headphone(20,000-30,000yen) In-ear Headphone(10,000-20,000yen) In-ear Headphone(Under 10,00yen) Overhead Headphone(Over 100,000yen) Overhead Headphone(50,000-100,000yen) Overhead Headphone(30,000-50,000yen) Overhead Headphone(15,000-30,000yen) 点線11pix Overhead Headphone(Under 15,000yen) Headphone(Noise cancelling type) Headphone(Surround type) Headphone Amplifier Headphone Amplifier(Portable) Headphone Amplifier(USB)

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